Meet the Owner

Hi! My name is Alexis, and I am the owner of J'NEVE. J'NEVE came into fruition during my undergrad experience. My senior year went from hopeful for the future to uncertainty due to the pandemic that swept the nation. I accessed my situation and accepted that God makes no mistakes and placed me in a position to create a legacy. I've always had a love for candles so I decided to take a leap of faith and here we are.

What We're About

You’re probably wondering how I came up with the name J’NEVE. I wanted my brand to be a representation of myself, so I decided to honor my late grandmothers whom I am named after. I combined my middle names, Geneva Evelyn, and J’NEVE was born. Our core values are integrity, perseverance, empowerment, and most importantly self-care. J’NEVE strives to empower and inspire you to live your life as your true authentic self and to go after your dreams wholeheartedly no matter the circumstances.